Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Indian Cricket in 2050

The year is 2050 and many things have changed, mostly for the better, compared to 2007. Bangalore roads are not witnessing traffic jams any more. There are no power cuts in any Indian city any more. Munnabhai has just released its 25th sequel with Sanjay Dutt playing a role of a Messiah consecutively for the 20th time and cutting the villain Circuit to size..yes Munna and Circuit went different ways after the 5th sequel coz fan following of Circuit didn’t want him to toe Munna Bhai’s line any more..
But nothing has changed in Indian cricket. Megastar Sachin is now 80 years old and is still very much a leading member of team India. In spite of having all his records broken by people who have retired at less than half his age, Sachin continues to baffle us with his record creating spree. He was recently honoured by Maharaja Sourav Ganguly (still being sponsored by Pepsi using the ‘Bhool to nahin gaye’ campiagn’) on the eve of the last test win India had (in 2007 against South Africa) for his recent feats
1. 50 consecutive ducks in both forms of cricket
2. Playing consecutively for 5 years with hitting a 4 or a 6
3. Playing for 100 matches without ever having taken a double run (he is too old to run you see)
There was however this small matter of India losing its last match to Bermuda by a whopping 413 run margin. A section of the media and past players who had seen the glorious days of Indian Cricket in the 20th century on ESPN and Star Sports bemoaned the decline of Indian Cricket and held Sachin accountable for the same.
In spite of the gag order on players by Sahara BCCI, Sachin talked with this correspondent sponsored by Boost and gave his views on cricket and life in general. Having given his heart and soul for the country he claimed that its unfair to blame him and the entire team should be held responsible. In a heart rending statement, he asked this correspondent as to how he can make runs after having to give 10 ad shoots every day and running errands for his children and grand children. How can his detractors be so cruel and ask him to go back to domestic cricket at this age. How insensitive?
There is however a divided opinion on whether Sachin should be dropped or not. His fans claim that in recognition for the runs he scored in the last century he should be played in the team until he cant stand anymore. BCCI president and Union Govt Minister of Health for Old people Sri Someonekar agrees with this view and maintains that its in the interest of the Indian cricket and some relics should be preserved after all he is the only sports personality we have produced in the last 60 years.

Long time

Back after a long hiatus and hopefully this time for good..recent events in my life can be enumerated below:
  • Passed out of IIM (and that too respectfully)
  • Got a few of them at KPMG Middle East and South Asia
  • Selected the aforementioned job coz somehow peers had fed me info that we engineers can be considered good only if we are in our own domain ( like electrical guys in BHEL/Texas instruments/Samsung etc or like civil guys in Konkan railways/flyover making in somewhere-pur ) or if we do an MBA and get into the finance domain..if u talk well go into financial consultancy like KPMG, EnY, PwC and if you are not very extrovertish go into I banking and make a killing by misrepresenting numbers :) i know i have stereotyped people bigtime :)
  • Anyways having been fed all this info, I chose financial risk management role at KPMG
  • Moved to Sharjah where the regional office is current situated
  • Settling in the new environs and looking for a house (which is another story)
  • Not watching the world cup at all but avidly reading the WC jokes about India

Thats about it..hopefully wud be able to blog more frequently from now on..

Monday, May 08, 2006

Mumbai Chronicles: Second weekend

After staying in Bangalore for a couple of years and a year in Lucknow, those two months in kerela for my TCS training where we had ample encounters with huge water bodies seem like some distant (but good) memory..hence this time round I was suitably determined to make most of my stay in Mumbai. So when my good friend in Mumbai invited me over to juhu one evening to visit the chaupati there I jumped at the opportunity.. the joy was however shortlived..the beach was full of people and on top of that we were forewarned by my friend \ that we should not go into the water as many people come here early morning to finish their ablutions i.e. to relieve themselves.. so all we did was to walk on the sand cribbing about our college and making fun of each other’s internship..
That weekend however it was tough twiddling our thumbs in the hostel and we decided to make it to Alibaug atleast.. only me and another guy finally made of the gang decided to come by evening..we reached at 11am at the Gateway of India (dwarfed as it was by the sprawling Taj Mahal Hotel) and booked our catmaran tickets..we were already soaked to the skin with sweat and there was no reason for us not to buy AC tickets..after taking a few mandatory pictures from my brand new digicam (Canon A520) we boarded the catamaran and it was quickly on its way..Ok forget to mention Catmaran is a kind of boat that allows water to flow through it i.e. it is hollow in the middle and the two ends join only at the deck.
Sitting in the AC we realized that we missed the sea breeze which appeared all the more luring now and so off went out sipping our warmish seven ups and gazing with wonder at different ships passing us by.. finally after one hour and some pictures we reached mandwa gaon ( made famous by a well known amitabh bachhan movie) from where we boarded a bus which took us to alibaug in another 45 minutes..once we reached there we realized that the last catamaran went back at six and it was impossible to come back by then. Hence the first task for us was to get a hotel room for the night..alas our misfortune that we couldn’t find any place to stay..finally we got a place right in front of the beach but it was so dingy that I would refrain from saying any thing more about it except that it barely served our purpose and was reasonably cheap.
We were informed that we would be allowed the rooms only at 6 pm. The sea looked very inviting even in that heat so we just changed a bit and went to the beach. At 4 pm the sea was neither at high tide nor at low we were able to waddle in a lot of water and gain confidence..even though we had decided to return by 6 to get our room we decided to follow people more and more into deeper ocean until we realized that those people intend to keep walking in the water and reach a far off fort called fort Colaba. It took us some time to realize that we could actually walk the distance and we decided to go for it. It was a merry journey and once we reached the fort we had a great time. We got to the front part of the fort where the sea meets the fort but which was then tranquil and dry. All in all it seemed like some columbusian expedition. We returned back walking at the stroke of six thoroughly tired but the depressing nature of the room drove us back to the ocean.. again a few mandatory pics and oogling at babes and their antics.. none of our batch mates arrived (later we got to know that they had gone to another beach nearby). We had a silent dinner at a dingy south indian hotel.. one of the few things I have learnt from my stay in the south is that if one is not sure about what to eat then just order a meal..they cant screw up the meal more than what it is already.. My poor friend needed a drink but ended up vomiting it all out and that put paid to our hopes for the night and all we did for the rest of the evening was watch the high tide hitting the shores..finally at 12 when we had no recourse but to return back to our dingy room the owner was good enough to bestow us with a kachua chap which seemed very inadequate in protecting us from the fury of the sea mosquitoes.. the night was spent in agony trying to save our exposed skin and hoping for it to end as soon as possible..

With the first rays of light we packed our bags, looked at the inviting sea and then returned back to Mumbai in the afternoon.. we did swore that next time we do something of this kind we would plan everything and then slept heavily in our hostel rooms..

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Mumbai Chronicles: First weekend

Actually I came on a Sunday itself (9th April)… had no place to stay so called up a friend who was staying in the hostel that our famed campus had allotted for us (future CEOs they call us)… the hostel had the most pathetic rooms ever witnessed.. reminded me of those decrepit rooms shown in bengali movies (forget it if u haven’t seen them) and the toilets stank and the water had a bad taste that made one vomit..such was the first impression.. but then one cannot wish for a better location in the city..on one side you have churchgate station where every train starts empty and other side you have marine drive..a haven for love (read lusty) couples and a good place for single guys (or guys whose gals are in some other cities) to gawk..
Ok so now that I have given you a good background let me begin with the recital..actually nothing much infact.. we just decided that we could go to Gateway of India and see that place as it was close by.. frankly I was more enamored by the Taj Mahal hotel there which I believe has robbed the GOI of some of its glory… it was so crowded that I had to walk with my hand on my butt to check my purse at all times..we decided to take a trip on the streamer for half an hour .. I think those 30 minutes passed very quickly and it was a thoroughly joyous time…(we made exotic plans of booking a cruise and having a party on it for a few hours).. the next two hours were spent in idling about looking for suitable place to eat.. finally we went to Leopold which was pretty much a happening place.. (must visit for people who visit colaba) and ate keema at Bade Miya.. finally reached back at 11 but only after finishing the ritual of ogling at gals on marine drive..

Summer Internship

Going through my internship I am not able to figure out how I should react or feel.
I am in Mumbai for the third time in my life but the earlier occasions were so short that they barely count. For guys like me who have big round eyes that can rotate at every possible angle Mumbai is a city full of good ‘sights’..(will recount some in a later blog) so Mumbai is heaven but then I am away from my gal (cant say whether its good or bad but atleast I could have gone to all the discs and pubs where stag entry is not allowed)

One thing I can say is that summer internship in ICICI Prudential is great. Maybe its coz my expectations were too low but then they treat us like royalty and we indulge ourselves fully… I got a live project in which I have to interact with the business process team (operations) and the IT team so as to evaluate a DSS system for the firm and draw out an implementation plan and ROI.. good for me as I feel if I had a chance of a PPO then this should be it ( but then not an ideal situation when everything depends on you and you cant blame fate or some one else)..
With a TBLA project on general insurance sector and now summer internship in life insurance, my baptism with insurance has come a full circle. I do have some notions about this sector in India.. As of now I don’t feel that my future lies in this sector but then one can never say… learning as much as possible and enjoying the experience is now the paramount objective..let God take care of the rest

DSS: Decision support system
ROI: Return on investment
PPO: Pre placement offer
TBLA: Tata Business Leadership Awards

half manager!!

just got to know this monday that our results have come..I have passed my first year and how....that is not forthcoming..grades will be known a few weeks later only..but anyway who cares.. if the going gets tough i can always harp on an IT job that will send me to europe and US on a regular basis..surely summer internship in a non IT company is an eye opener.. it makes one ponder as to what one wants..anyway had gone to goa last weekend which was quite eventful and will be described in a later blog..hopefully will be blogging regularly from now on..

Friday, December 16, 2005

Quizzes and paranoia

Another quiz gone..this was of principal importance.. worth 10 marks and could make or break the grade..the topper is about 10 marks ahead of me and I shouldnt allow him anymore leeway if I intend to get an 8 and have a shy at 9.. .. hmm luckily we both made mistakes so the difference remains.. cant help kicking myself for losing such a golden opportunity.. the Prof is an ass hole..what more can I say.. gave two long questions and 20 he wants two page full of the process.. Christ!! .........over 9 steps to be explained before i actually calculate the answer, by the time i reached the main part i forgot what i intended to do with those 6-7 numbers... and when I took an extra sheet to answer all he can say is "no essays".. no wonder he is an asshole...
well I consider him one of the nicer ones around..though repeaters say that he was responsible for many of them repeating this year.. some profs are like.. "ok u guys are not listening to I will take a quiz or a grand viva".. or "why dont u all guys divide urself in groups of 5 and give presentation on each chapter of teh book".. or "why doesnt the class come up with 1080 MCQs( multiple choice questions for the uninitiated) that comes to about 27 each from 10 chapters and then interact among urself to see that they are unique and then submit them to me..if I like them I would include them in the paper" sweet of him..the bloody asshole cant think of better ways to make us go in riddles verifying the 27 unique questions..
all this comes with the IIM tag i guess...but its upsetting sometimes to see guys who had come here with high hopes of doing well breaking up and compromising to become average students here..first their dream broke during summers and now all these painstaking "assignments" which piece by piece take away ur sanity... believe me even as small as 2 marks are very important... unless ofcourse u have done well in mid term..but in that case u need to protect ur still keep working hard...
got to go now..another class about to start because another sadist prof wants to see how our entrepreunerial venture is coming up..yes he made us start our own company with website et al... ours is a event managemnet firm..more about it later.. me following policy of ignoring profs.. hopefully they also ignore me and i get out of this stupid place with atleast all the things that I had when i first come here..

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Fighting couples.. a sign of mature love?

this is to all who are or were in love..
had gone to a marriage recently..met an old friend of mine.. was pretty smart looking in college but now he has become VERY fat and all rich looking if you know what i mean.. I asked him if all this came with the package.. he was pursuing dentistry at a reputed college in the city..having finished his MBBS and now he is doing his MS or soemthing like it.. i was surprised that even dentists could do surgery.. that was a wrong question to ask him coz he rambled on for an hour explaining what he would be doing..ofcourse this blog is not about those gory details..the mashed jaws and the cranial collapse wouldnt make happy reading at all...
well at this middle age we generally end up talking about future and marraige ( stupid subject) and which is waht we did..( gawd i really miss those days when we talked about cricket and movie stars and maybe even novels (with the academically inclined) whole day long...)
anyway here i was asking him about his love life..ofcourse he had one..she hasnt talked at home..he has..foolish he is trapped... the gal is from one nice place..
then popped a question in my head and i blurted u guys fight? and pronto .. obviously..all the time..sometimes very seriously.. ok i get and say..thats a sign of mature love..he was impressed and smiled and I was when had i thot this over..Is it really true?
Married couples always fight..ofcourse there are some boring couples who dont but then do unmarried couples start fighting when their relationship matures a bit.. obviously its not a sign of boredom or breaking up...maybe its just one more stage in the relationship..
well before we move further, I must clarify that personally I think there is no such thing as fighting with gals.. what my gal thinks as fighting is what i call a healthy flow of ideas between people.
I would consider fighting as something that involves use of legs and arms freely and to good effect.. for gals i guess coming to pow wow would be too nasty.. anyway so maybe most guys have a similar view about fighting..maybe difference of opinion is not akin to fighting for guys but it is a serious fighting matter for gals.
so mature couples fight? ya they do..mainly because they have alreday told each other most of the things they had to say.. u have after all done only a fixed number of things in your life much time can it take to describe all of it.. so then is fighting a means of communication when you have nothing to tell each other??....lots of questions..
will answer them later.. got to submit a few assignments tomorrow :(
anyway when we both left for our homes, both did agree that the dating days were the best.. you could simply go to some nice place like CCD or barista and have a nice time.. those were the good old days...

Poignant end..

hmmm... it was surprising that the selectors would dump a guy who made 79 runs and take a opener to replace him.. or was it the fact that three very important men who were selecting the team happened to be from the west zone that clicnched the affair.. Now with Kaif's improving performance even Laxman will be on his way out within a year.. but then all this is mere conjecture ... come to think of it, it almost seems that Dravid is enjoying this incident, terming it as a "happy problem".. he should remember the tough times he faced from the selectors and the fans when he used to play like manjrekar.. a strokeless wonder..those were the days of tendulkar and ganguly.. and what about tendulkar? Can we assure him a befitting farewell? He is not at his peak now and maybe he will never reach there again but then he is the best that india has produced and when he retires we should accord him respect and not treat him shabbily..
now back to Ganguly, I am sure people will be outraged and ofcourse they should be.. but then with the team of selectors that is currently there one can rest assured that even Ganguly knew that his days were numbered..This might not be the time to lament about wht he could have done in the next 2 years but to respect the person who has taken India to great heights. maybe after a few years when we see the records and an unbiased assessment is made we will find in Ganguly one of the best captains ever and one who built the team from stratch..someone who played with a passion and brought back the crowds who were suspicious of the team after the betting episode. He has done well..much more than the many who weild the microphones nowadays and I am sure that few years down the line he would return armed with a microphone and will have some nice things to talk about. I havent read any autobiographies of cricketers but his autobiography will surely be interesting..
Anyway India still seems a strong team.. some do detect a slight hint of arrogance in Dravid but he will do well if he can mask it coz good times dont last lasted 5 years for Ganguly.. he would be lucky to get 3 years..

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Fuck ho gaya.. :(

hmmm... studying till 5 am also didnt help.. i studied all the topics and got totally confused.. shudnt blame myself a lot..the subject required me to study regularly.. it was a pity that i realised my mistake the moment i got out.. all these quizes are crap yaar.. 5-10 minutes to solve a problem is ridiculus.. its takes time to assimilate the problem..anyway another subject down the drain.. why does it happen to me.. :(

Monday, December 12, 2005

In the long run everybody is dead

hmmm.. just as I was posting the last one, i realised what one of my friends was telling me.. he said that he is not getting success in what he is doing but does he really care about it and whether that little bit of success is actually going to count in the end..better be cool...
It suited him big time and set me thinking.. am i not cool??... surprisingly some things that bother most ppl dont bother me... like bad marks( got so used to it that a few marks less here and there wont matter i feel) but then somethings do bother me.. like sincere effort not paying off...( just to clarify.. marks are not a reflection of effort.. they are a reflection of smart study.. somehow I havent been abe to master it till now).. so I am not cool.. I am more of a passionate guy who is really charged about things he wants to do in life... thats what actually drives me to do things maybe.. if I am cool about something..that is because I dont care about it.. which is bad I guess...
to divert from the topic.. I need to slog it out tonight for a mana quiz.. If i dont get full marks I have a long haul ahead of me to salvage the remnants of my grade ( Gawd, I really wish I had intelligence.. would have screwed everybody out here)
My GF got me a sweater from Ireland, a shirt, some books,, dunno when she plans to send it over.. her heart will break it seems if they get lost..I guess she better keep it with herself.. her broken heart wud mean spending a few hundreds on the phone nursing it back ( anyway she wud call but then I am not such an ass hole that I would make her spend so much money rite GF?)
bye for now...
lots of things coming up..

Life is not bull crap...

In retaliation to the last blog in which I was cribbing quite a bit about things not working out.. i must say that there have been lots of things that would have been worse and thankfully they are not... I have a ready supply of friends and surely they are of great help.. I have a gem of a gal friend..surely she eats my brains sometimes but then she is more than worth it..I am good physically, all bones in the right places and all vital parts working fine.. a great family which reminds me that I need to call them up...
then what else.. well i got into IIT and now into IIM..not many ppl can say that..people just see the results and they look way above average.. so maybe they perceive me differently than what i do myself..maybe i always look at myself at what i can be and what I currently am..because of which i am always dissatisfied..
went to a wedding yesterday.. kind of nice to be introduced as the guy studying at IIM... U generally become the center of attraction and have a steady gathering of young wannabes asking for guidance.. dunno if i handle all that stuff well... I am almost 24 now though I still think of myself as 17 odd.. guess all this is shown when i interact with wonder I am so popular with females :P just kidding.. My interaction with females (even in IIMs ) is mainly through porn as is the wont of almost 80% of the junta here.. the remaining 20% junta are the ones busy making them :)..dont quote me on that one :)

Is Life Weird?

Dont know if i have to pay for this blogging time by sleeping a couple of hours less tonight or rather morning.. havent really thought it over but i do think life is weird.. let me disect myself first.. i am studying here at IIM and slogging it out with the outside world thinking that I am so lucky..but is that really so.. Has God really been fair? I mean i really worked hard for that IIT..and throughly deserved it..but then isnt it unfair that he didnt reward me any further.. so much so that i came out of that institute with a blank head and a degree to boot.. well not exactly a blank head.. i still had ambition and hope that maybe i was cut out for better things.. ( I should say that being in teh company of some really intelligent ppl at IIT helped.. makes u think that anything is possible).. well gave cat..God blessed me with good luck again.. i must say that seeing all teh hard working guys here.. i think my getting thru IIM L was a fluke.. but then many times i have not got well deserved successes so better grab whatever i can get.. but now this.. GOd has put me in this institute and taken away all my luck.. provided me ample opportunities to succeed but never allowed me to win... this has been going on for almost 4-5 months.. my gut feeling says that success is just round the corner but then this period is hard... knocks on ur psyche every few days in the form of bad marks and results of various events I participate is reinforcing the fact that actually God might have wanted to punish me rather than reward me..he did the same by putting me into IIT.. he gave me opportunities and I tried.. but couldnt get anything..where does that leave me? a very bad feeling in the heart...maybe ..just maybe i could have been at the very top of this world, had a few things turned out a little differently.. dunno if I should ask life for any more favours..U never know what kind of challenges i might get in future.. of course me not scared of challenges.. I revel in them...its the continuous failures thats worrying me.. I have suddenly not become useless.. atleast at par with the guys here.. com'n I am sure I can do better than these guys here and i am trying also.. its just that things have not been working according to my plans for a long long time.. glad that I am an eternal optimist.. God will surely relent :)